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By Douglas “Jalnor” Carr

Some ordinary people leave the planet on an abandoned alien space ship, to save the ship's creators and, perhaps, Earth.

Volume 1

Episode 1: Will Any Escape Do?
Episode 2: History Lesson
Episode 3: History Continued
Extra: Great again
Episode 4: Are You In?
Episode 5: Take Me With You
Episode 6: Earl Grey, Hot
Extra: Ignak's Ride
Episode 7: Naming Rights
Episode 8: Settling In
Episode 9: The Morning After
Extra: Meet My Friends
Episode 10: Planet Exit
Episode 11: Diving On In
Extra: Time To Appear
Episode 12: Anti-Drone Drone
Extra: Lekker
Episode 13: Three Captains
Extra: Fashion Advice
Extra: Swear Jar
Episode 14: Calm Before The Storm
Episode 15: The Storm
Extra: Krela burns
Episode 16: Catch Your Own Drone
Episode 17: Fresh Thinking
Episode 18: Drinks and Decompiling
Extra: What We Leave Behind
Episode 19: Change of Attire
Extra: Taking Command
Episode 20: Goldilocks Zone

Volume 2

Extra: Plexit volume 2 cometh
Extra: The com badge
Extra: Volume 2 has commenced!
Episode 1: The One Where The Cliffhanger Is Resolved
Episode 2: In The Navy
Episode 3: Prolific Creeper
Episode 4: Dear To Whom?
Episode 5: To The Tavern!
Extra: New format
Episode 6: Watch for Wampas
Episode 7: Setting The Bar Low
Extra: Easter Egg
Episode 8: Cover More Ground
Episode 9: That's An Ice Farm
Episode 10: Gud Snuzes
Episode 11: Playing Darts
Episode 12: Nowhere To Sit
Episode 13: Low Ceiling Labyrinth
Episode 14: Engineer Mutineers
Episode 15: Alien Tourists
Episode 16: Trust Dr. Rob
Episode 17: Lightish Red vs. Lightish Blue
Episode 18: Pendex' Drone Secrets
Episode 19: Blue Screen of Hope
Episode 20: Now We Know
Episode 21: Fish in a Barrel
Episode 22: System In General
Episode 23: Tractor Beam
Episode 24: All About The Angle
Episode 25: Pressing On

Volume 3

Extra: Volume 3, trailer
Extra: Night Terrors
Episode 1: Glitter Weapon
Episode 2: Make It Purple
Episode 3: Comrade References
Extra: Bridge Terrors
Episode 4: Who's Ben?

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