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By Douglas Carr

Plexit – planet exit. An alien space ship comes to Earth looking for a new crew to complete its ancient mission to save the last of its creators. Disillusioned with the direction of human civilisation, the characters form a crew and come up with a new plan.

In progress: Volume 1 at 11 episodes & 4 extras; own site has volume 3 on hiatus and is matching the volume 1 release

The Chronicles of Intak
By Douglas Carr

Based on the LARP world of The Cuckoo's Nest in Glasgow, this fantasy story takes place in ancient times in a fictional world, where a humanoid cat species has conquered the continent and enslaved humanity. The story follows a Felidi heiress called Dancing Deer, from the second most powerful family in the town of Intak, who has fallen in love with one of her father's human slaves – for which the punishment, under the Empire's law, is death.
This introduces the "Resistance world," as it is termed in the LARP group, where many other stories are going to be told – some based on the LARP setting history, some based on adventures that happened.

Finished: 60 part series

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